Root Canals

Root canal therapy is a great alternative to an extraction. Root canal therapy gives Dr. Gunnell the opportunity to save a damaged tooth and protect you from further treatment down the road. Dr. Gunnell uses the latest technology (the Wave-Oneā„¢ root canal system) to comfortably perform the treatment at our office in Casa Grande. He may recommend root canal therapy for teeth that:

  • Are infected or abscessed
  • Have pulp decay
  • Have been traumatized or injured

Usually completed in just one visit to Desert Sky Dental, root canal therapy can restore the function and health of your smile. After treatment is complete, Dr. Gunnell will place a custom crown on the tooth for addition protection and aesthetics. Call us today if you notice any dental discomfort and we will be happy to help you return to optimal oral comfort and health as soon as possible.